The Elite Agency | Upgrade Program

The 8 easy steps you need to take back control of your real estate business in your time

The Elite Agency Upgrade program is an easy-to-digest instructional video program over a series of 8 modules outlining exactly each step of the process to run a highly effective and profitable real estate business.

The Elite Agency Success System philosophy is simple

  1. When you know how to nurture leads effectively, convert listings and structure stock you gain  CONTROL of your business.
  2. Then once you gain control it’s time to attract quality talent, unite your team and manage vendors you begin to PERFORM above average.
  3. Lastly it’s time to elevate your leadership skills, optimize your business systems to grow market  share and SCALE your business to the next level.


Here is what other real estate leaders are saying about Jess Densley

Gail Richards

Key 2 Sale Real Estate

“I believe the processes we are implementing are starting to really grow momentum and I can’t wait to implement more of the processes we have been learning with Jess throughout my team. Jess really cares about your business and wants to see everyone succeed and is very approachable. I also love the fact we meet other principals and salespeople as part of the mentoring program. You won’t regret investing in this program.”

Brent Illic

Auction Coach

“His incredible leadership skills and attention to detail are key factors in building a powerful team. His combination of success and humility makes for one powerful role model for business people to platform and springboard their success off”

Jason Savage

Director, All Properties Group, Logan, Queensland

“After implementing Jess’s system into my business I realised we were able to tighten up areas of leakage that had previously been occurring. We are now implementing these systems into the business to make sure these are addressed and have already seen results in the first two months.

Theo Kalinderidis

Principal Alliance Real Estate , Paninia NSW

“Jess has a talent for identifying where the issues are and to quickly put you back on the right track. As agents we are bombarded by offerings by trainers and companies that state they are going to deliver the silver bullet of what we need to be successful and profitable. Jess and the Elite Agency Success System is the only platform that has hit the nail on the head with what a real estate business and principal needs and has a tangible and direct impact that can be seen in a very short timeframe.”

Jim Tonakis

Principal, RE/MAX Solutions – Strathpine

“It’s about longevity and the implementation of a process that takes that into account. Jess has assisted our team and our company in developing the skills required to combat all markets (and reducing days on market) plus he is hands-on which was important for us. More importantly, we have recorded a 20% increase in our sales since implementing certain strategies and I believe that this is only the start of something much larger.

Kaan Ristic

Managing Director, Co-Founder, Ristic Real Estate Pty Ltd

“Our company was at a point where we needed better structure, accountability and really practical and effective systems that we could input immediately into the business. I’m pleased to report that after engaging Jess Densley all these boxes were ticked and more. A significant impact into all major areas from recruitment to the process of sale and beyond to marketing and prospecting have positively changed the way we now operate. When you receive 30 appraisal requests from a simple email that can be put together in minutes, you know something is working! Thanks to Jess and team the future looks bright as we utilise the systems and plans in place to build a world class sales team. I’m really looking forward to the next 12 months as we reap the benefits of the systems implemented.”


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